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flying site guidelines

The Use of our flying site is precious to the Club.


Please follow the designated track to the pits.


Do not drive across the field.


During spells of wet weather, it may not be possible to drive into the field - if you wish to fly then you will have to park at the gate and walk to the pit area.


Information about the field condition is posted on the Home page of this website.


Please fly safely and adhere to the

Club Rules.


It is advised that all members carry a basic First Aid Kit with them whilst at the flying site.



On arrival at site, check the wind direction and choose the runway accordingly.
Set up the frequency peg board at the corner of the pits next to the walkway.
If you decide to switch runways during the day, make sure all people present are aware.
All guests (flyers or spectators) are the responsibility of the CMFC Host.
Communicate with each other, be safe and have fun! The BMFA Handbook should be used as a guide for all aspects of flying.